Alone Together – David Hazeltine

From his excellent trio CD “Manhattan” with George Mraz and Billy Drummond.

Alone Together – David Hazeltine

I emailed the following question to David about this solo:

I hope you don’t mind a musical question: on Alone together from your Manhattan CD, in a couple of places you play “tension” lines composed of F, Ab, Db, Eb over this:

Dm7 | Em7b5  A7 |

It sounds good, but I’d like to understand what led you to those note choices.  How did you get there?

Here is his reply:

Hi John,

Well, that’s a very good question and thank you for your astute listening.  I just checked out the solo you’re talking about and here is my justification (in retrospect…..of course).  The F Ab and Db represent notes relevant to D minor (G7 b9 #11) and to A7alt. (as the Eb7 tritone sub).  And THEY SOUND GOOD TOGETHER!!  I’m glad to hear you’re making sense of the diminished wholetone stuff!


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