I “knew I was a musician” from a very early age. I started piano lessons at the age of 7 (1970) and switched primarily to guitar at the age of 10. Starting in sixth grade I performed at school dances and assemblies most years. I played in the school jazz band starting in junior high, as well as in rock & roll bands from age 13 on. I attended Northern Illinois University, taking advantage of the opportunity to study jazz theory with Frank Mantooth during the single year he was on the faculty.

I graduated in 1985 with BS degree in physics¬†and moved to Austin, Texas to work as a combination software developer, musician and bicycle racer. I spent most of the 1990s working too much and playing too little music. In 2000 I rearranged priorities to bring music back in — starting a righteous power pop band (the Middlemen) as a singer & guitarist, and subsequently started working with Motown and soul bands on as a piano/keyboard player and singer.¬† I currently lead the band Soul Machine.

From a musical study standpoint, I have concentrated on jazz piano and vocals since 2000, studying piano with David Hazeltine, Eddy Hobizal and Floyd Domino, and voice with Mady Kaye. I’ve also attended the Jamey Aebersold summer jazz workshops at the University of Louisville several times.